Galvanized Garden Staples 60 pack GTIN: 00850035527283


60 Pack Garden Staples 6 Inch Galvanized Landscape Stakes 11 Gauge Anti-Rust U-shape Metal Pins SOD Yard Stakes for Gardening Landscaping Ground Cover Weed Barrier Fabric, Soaker Hose, Dog Fence. SKU: ST-60; GTIN: 00850035527283



PACKAGE: 60 pcs landscape fabric staples. 6 Inch long, 1.2 Inch wide, 11 gauge rust resistance high quality metal turf stakes.

SHAPE: U-shape staples with sharp ends. This beveled incision easily penetrate through agrotextile into the ground. Enlarged shape allows you to firmly fix stakes in the ground. Prevents garden fabric damaging.

HEAVY DUTY: High quality galvanized material made of 11 Gauge steel. Strong lawn staples for ridgid soil and landscape fabric.

WHERE TO USE: perfect for edging weed barrier fabric, for fencing to prevent dog digging under fence, fixing artificial ground, keeping garden soaker hoses or wires. Garden stakes for netting as an anchors. Outdoor and stakes for decorations. Metal stakes for inflatables.

GALVANIZED: heat treatment technology has made our staples strong and resistant to oxidation. So they do not rust and allow you to use landscape fabric pins many times.