Heavy Duty 6 oz Geotextile Fabric Non-woven Landscape Fabric, (3’x100′)

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VOLVEX Heavy Duty 6 oz Geotextile Fabric Non-woven Landscape Fabric | French Drains, Erosion Control, Permeable underlayment Garden Fabric. SKU: TEX6 3-100



HEAVY DUTY – 6 ounces per square yard density. With that High-strength geotextile be sure that it will be enough for any work on your site.

SAFE – Our geotextile made of environmentally friendly Polypropylene (PP). Does not react with products and other environment. Don’t worry about your fish and plants.

WIDELY-USAGE – can help you deal with many projects where you need to make Drainage, Separation, Filtration. Perfect for French Drain, Erosion Control, Driveway Underlayment, RipRap Channels, Retaining walls and other construction projects.

LONG-LIVED – with proper use, the material will serve you for at least 50 years. The main rule is to avoid direct sunlight. If use it as a ground cover or weed barrier please buried it with 1/4 foot of mulch or gravel.

PERMEABLE – needle punched material with perfect flow rates. This geotextile doing it best with Drainage projects. Once you chose this material it will serve as an excellent filter between soil and gravel or a drainage pipe. The special composition of the geotextile prevents clogging.